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Card HQ is a discord server focused on providing the tools and resources needed to succeed as a collector. Being the go-to place for everything collectibles, especially TCG , it is continuously growing and we invite you to join!


In order to gain access to Card HQ Premium, we only accept new members through a waitlist format. Spots are limited and note that by entering the waitlist, your spot is still not guaranteed. We pride ourselves in maintaining a tight knit & exclusive community.

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Get investment calls, new release information and restock alerts on all things collectibles from professional staffing


The world's biggest media franchise condensed and covered through our experienced collectors.

sports cards

Be walked through the process of learning all about sports cards, as the market is split between a variety of different categories.


Included features of Card HQ's Premium Membership

in-house monitors

Our monitors ensure that whether you're busy at work, or hanging out with family , you'll never miss a restock or have to sit through refreshing a page waiting for the next release.

exclusive giveaways

On top of the free giveaways we have for our free members, we also have giveaways exclusive to those with premium membership.

release info

Our team will make sure you are kept up to date on any upcoming drops so you're never left wondering what is next. We will let you know everything related to how to stay ahead and prepared for the hottest TCG drops.

discounted products

Discounts on products from different online stores and live breaks on many different platforms.

in-house grading

Submit trading cards to your favorite grading companies such as PSA, BGS, CGC and DSG.

investment calls

Our experienced Collectors will keep you updated with the latest trends of both rising and falling sealed products, slabs, and raw valued singles. Timing is everything and we want you to know best times to buy or maybe even sell.

gain access to monitors

Get alerted when releases and restocks occur.

+ much more

frequently asked questions

How much is the membership?

The membership pricing is currently, $19.99/Month. Once you purchase a Premium membership, that is the price you lock in at. Any future increases in membership pricing will not affect you.

What are monitors?

Monitors are one of the most important tools and software out there in determining your success as a collector. Having one of the fastest monitors in the game, you will receive instant alerts on your device of choice, when items release, and/or restocks.

How do I become a premium member?

You may sign up through the waitlist form at a FCFS basis. You can also follow us on any of our social media pages to stay up to date with the latest announcements, including opportunities to access the Card HQ Premium.

How can I cancel my membership?

Members are free to cancel at any time they want through the dashboard, or by creating a ticket in the Discord server.

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Free Membership

  • Access to the BIGGEST Collections Discord
  • Marketplace to Sell/Trade/Buy Collectibles

Paid Membership

  • Access to the BIGGEST Collections Discord
  • Marketplace to Sell/Trade/Buy Collectibles
  • Latest News on Pokemon, Weiss, Yu-Gi-Oh, Metazoo, Sports & Funko PoP!
  • Investment Calls for TCG/NON-TCG, Comics & Collectibles
  • Discounted Prices with Collectible Stores
  • In House Group Submissions for PSA, CGC, DSG, BGS
  • Restock & New Release Monitors
  • Exclusive Giveaways
  • In House Bulk Trading Card Buyers